Energy-efficient Urban Redevelopment Programme:

Tapping the potential of neighbourhoods!

The KfW programme Energy-efficient Urban Redevelopment (number 432) extends the energy upgrading of individual buildings to entire neighbourhoods. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community provides financing from the Special Energy and Climate Fund to support integrated neighbourhood strategies for energy efficiency and their implementation management. The Energy-efficient Urban Redevelopment Programme facilitates flexible strategies which can be tailored to local conditions.

The programme combines standards for energy upgrades in buildings, efficient energy supply systems and the increased use of renewables with demographic, economic, urban design and housing considerations. A cooperative management process oversees and expedites implementation.

Municipalities interested in participating in the KfW Energy-efficient Urban Redevelopment Programme can access these webpages for ideas and suggestions for integrated neighbourhood strategies and their implementation management. Here they can find out more about funding options, pilot projects and the ongoing programme-related research.