From Practical Experience to Practice

Different city sizes, varying building styles, and diverse socio-economic conditions: the program “Energy-Efficient Urban Redevelopment” enables the development locally adapted of flexible strategies for energy efficiency.

The supporting research of “Energy-Efficient Urban Redevelopment” examines 63 projects. The projects vary in terms of neighborhood size, ownership structures, and types of housing markets. The projects are supported and analyzed based on their varying goal sets, and may be categorized as follows:

Reference projects: which illustrate differentiation in local conditions depending on the municipality as well as diverse possibilities for the application of the program.
Representative projects: which provide examples for successful implementation of integrated development methods.
Focus projects: which are of interest for “Energy-Efficient Urban Redevelopment” insofar as specific aspects, such as incorporation into the entire city development strategy, citizen participation, of building culture, may be thoroughly examined and provide practical knowledge.
An interactive map is to be found on the german Website.